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All you need is the technology to make it easy
We help businesses, clubs and events across Melbourne to become successful online. We care for our customer's web sites and their on line businesses from beginning to success. We know that there is more to the Internet than building a web site so we offer solutions that will meet your needs and budget.

We can come to visit you at your premises, provide expert advise about options, design web sites, assist your advertising and continue to give you the best technology help you can get. You will be well informed and know the risks so that you can make good decisions. If your current web site is not stacking up then we will conduct a health check to see what is needed to make it work for you. We nurture your online solutions, provide personal tutoring and keep you up to date with the latest developments of the world wide web.

Call Rob on 0412 409 884 if you are serious about the web.

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The Basic Of Web Design
Does your website stack up?
Free Web Sites
DIY Options?
Repairing Web Sites
Does your site work for you?
Getting Found
Are you really on the web?
Professional Web Design
Invite your customers
Learning The Web
What to learn more?
Protection & Safety
Is your web site safe?

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Essentials for a web business

1. Be Found

It sounds obvious. People who search the web have questions that they want answered. They use their favourite search engines, with words that pop into their minds, or go directly to web sites that they are aware of. They do not like being distracted by irrelevant information but like to explore in a lateral way. Their questions must be answered by what appears in the web page title and description.

2. Communicate Your Business Distinction
Answer this question, why would someone prefer my product or service more than my competitors? There are millions of businesses promoting themselves on the web, customers have far more choice than ever before, web designs range from basic to glamorous, and you have only ten seconds to advertise your distinctive brand. Focus on your strengths: professional, cheap, trusted, reliable, fast, established, credentials, skilled, and / or unique.

3. Invite The Reader
The vast majority of business web sites offer nothing more than contact addresses. Web sites are designed the same way as the traditional business cards or Yellow Pages items and reader respond in the same way - skim to the next contact address to create a list of top three candidates. Unfortunately your readers may never learn about your true business. So invite them in. Your design should welcome them to your business, offer a range of contact methods and offer them a product service that they would be pleased to know more about.

4. Bricks and Mortar
With some exceptions such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, CarSales, eBay; most web businesses must integrate real life products and services to their web business. In the first eCommerce boom, billions of dollars were wasted on trying to win web monopolies of online sales. We are now venturing into the second eCommerce boom that will focus on extending businesses offering to the web.  For some businesses, who miss this boom, they will lose a great deal of market share. Are you and your business capable of extending and redefining the offerings to a competitive  online market? What will it mean to your business if you ignore or embrace the boom?

5. Invest in the web
Every business needs investment to succeed. Plan how to devote time, energy and money to this venture and be prepared to learn from mistakes and successes. There may be billions of people using the web and you need to engage your potential and existing customers.

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Free DIY Web Sites and Business Directories

Starting out is easy on the Internet and there are many options available that will cost almost nothing.  There is the pride of "doing it myself"  when going it alone without web design experts. It similar to "Grand Designs" where people create residences with no architects, builders, little planning and a loose budget. Net Needs wishes you all the best with your design venture and hope that it gives you the returns that you invest.
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Why are web sites free? Some businesses are growing wiser to the revenues of owning business directories and promoting their products to others who have already bought in to their services. Directories may replace search engines that do not catalogue business lists very well. Social media sites are learning how to integrate business lists and classifieds online. Unfortunately, traditional business listings are endangered - compare the paper editions of Yellow Pages 2000 to Yellow Pages 2011.

Some of the free web sites for DIY design are:  Blogger, Facebook walls, MYOB Atlas, Yahoo! SiteBuilder, and Google Sites

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Repairing Web Sites

Website broken? How can you break a website? Surely a piece of software can't break, can it?

The bad news is that the vast majority of web sites are in need of repair or upgrade. Sadly even newly created web sites may be damaged without the owner's, or the designer's, knowledge. Like houses, older web sites may be so riddled with outdated designs that they are must be torn down and replaced completely. Typical damage varies from minor annoyances to outright business impairment.

When did you last check the health of your website?
You can do a self check if you like.
Ask yourself these questions:
- How many people visit my website each day?
- Does my web design reflect my business style?
- Is my web design modern and fashionable?
- How does my website design compare to my competitors?
- Is my web design inviting? How long does it take for my home page to load?
- Do all the images and forms work?
- How much revenue did my website generate last month?
- Are there any misrepresentations or reputational comments on my website design?
- Do I own all of the images and words on my website design or are they under someone else's copyright?
- Are my email addresses and phone numbers open to hackers and spammers?
- Has someone placed offensive, or other non requested, material on my website?
- Is any confidential information being unlawfully transmitted by my website forms? Apologies in advance for the plug but if you want help in this area then please contact Net Needs. We are only a phone call away and it may save you a lot of time, money and from a lost reputation.
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Getting Found - Search Engine Optimisation (SOE)

There is a web war going on and it is called, "Search Engine Optimisation." Businesses are paying web designers and search engines large sums of money for their web sites to be listed at the top of the search criteria. Make no mistake that we must all play a part in this design war to be noticed.

Search Engine companies are in paradox as they attempt to list web sites fairly while charging businesses for placement ads.

Some of the SOE design mechanics consider:
- Nominating exactly the right key words that potential customers would use;
- Placing the key words in the title, description, meta-tags, content, image descriptions, link descriptions, headers and footers
- Repeating key words a number of times in a web page to optimise searching "ranking" while not being penalised for repeating phrases too often
- Financial bidding for search engine placement, such as Google Adwords
- Back links

Moreover, there is no end to the design war in sight. When one web design places a business web site on top of the list, another web site drops lower down. Furthermore, the search engines constantly change algorithms to rank the web sites. You may be at the top of the list today but may not be tomorrow. We do not know where this design war is taking us but we know that we must protect our business location on the web.

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Professional Web Design

This is where Net Needs comes in and we readily share our point of view and experience.  People deal with businesses who they can trust and who they like. Businesses who are sloppy do not last in any economy. These principles are shared by the best web designs. Imagine if you were looking to purchase a furniture. How much time would you taking trying to find details on a web site that was awkward to use and did not distinguish itself? How much time would you take on looking through a web site that clearly presented it's services and allowed you to choose what you wanted?

Today, our business values: freedom of choice; value for money; good quality and trusted partners.

A great web site design should:
- Be attractive to first time visitors
- Clearly outline the services and products on offer
- Make navigation easy
- Be friendly to search engines
- Invite people to engage with the business
- Obtain new leads frequently
- Strengthen your brand
- Evoke emotion

Avoid designs with:
- Gimmicky and lazy pictures
- Annoying pop ups
- Flickering images / words
- Management jargon
- Outdated design templates and layouts

Net Needs is the only web design company who will draft a concept design that matches your business needs and the above criteria for no obligation. We only proceed if you are satisfied that you will receive an excellent web design.

We are keen supporters of community organisations and like to help community clubs develop their web ideas.

Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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Learning the web

Do you know enough about the Internet to be successful? learning about the internetThere are so many aspects of the Internet to learn but nobody can be expert in everything about the web. Basic topics are many including: email, searching, buying , selling, safety, scams, social networking, privacy, and netiquette. Being an online business you need to know how to market online, set up processes to respond within a reasonable time, and integrate your real business.  Web designers must know how to expertly assess requirements; design great user interfaces; design fashionable graphics; code in HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP.

Subjects include:
- Searching the deep web for business, education and entertainment
- Email, Facebook, Twitter
- Cyber Safety, Privacy, Scams and Virus protection
- Purchasing online
- Establishing and marketing online business
- Requirements analysis, design, coding, testing and implementing web systems 
- Project management with methodologies, contracts, resources, equipment and communications

Net Needs offers professional trainers with more than thirty years experience if want to improve yourself.
Learn More

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Case Studies about small business ideas

The hype, mostly due to crafty copywriters, that exists out there makes it so that people view an online business as a quick and easy path to wealth. Make $1500 a Week Starting Right Now Working Half an Hour a Week! Easy Guide To $350,000 a Year Guaranteed! Forget the hype. Making an online business succeed takes a lot of work. Just come to peace with it now and you’ll be thankful you did later.

Being successful with an online business needs: commitment; education; focus; action; a never quit attitude, and the best small business ideas.

We at Net Needs want our clients to succeed almost as much as they do. Our service goes beyond designing a web site and implementing it. Net Needs constantly monitors the web, looking for opportunities to grow our clients online presence and service.

To start we provide obligation free access to online articles that we filtered from twenty high profile news sites around the world.  Turn into Small Business Case Studies if you want to have a successful web site.

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Protection and Safety

Are you and your business safe? Has anyone tried to hack your computer via the web? Have you ever picked up a computer Trojan, malware or other virus? Do you know anyone who has had their identity stolen?

Do you know how the shield yourself against the internet predators?

There is no doubt that we may understate the threats and there is no doubt that scams and thefts are occurring every day to someone we know. Typically you discover the danger when it is practically rampant or the crime has been completed.

Your personal computer must be guarded with: firewalls; modern operating systems, robust web browsers and intelligent anti-virus software. If not, then you may detect some early warning signs:
- Computer taking a long time to start
- Computer running slower
- Unsolicited web pages popping up
- Unsolicited emails
- Unable to restore documents and files correctly
- Unable to save documents because the disk is full
- Unexplained banking transactions

Your web site is also at risk. Imagine spiders racing through Internet, seeking to strike every week point and targeting the greatest web sites. Imagine that your web site is created with underlying weak technology and your web site is housed on foundations that the spiders can easily enter. Unfortunately the hackers are very good at what they do and the spiders may get in.

Early signs of website hacking success are:
- Declining web statistics
- RSS feeds and emails not getting through
- Unusually long delays, or cut outs, when loading  files
- Slow response times to serve web pages and images
- Malicious messages or files appearing on the hosting service

The good news is that this should not be your problem. Selecting secure technologies should be the responsibility of your web designer. If you are worried about these threats or have detected any of the above symptoms then speak to your web designer or
contact us immediately.
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