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How to Grow Your Web Presence

Every web site has a full potential and, while online advertising should only be one aspect of your business, it is becoming more important and complex every day. You do not need money for a successful advertising campaign if you are willing to learn and apply yourself.
Myths Reality
Myth 1.
A great looking web site will attract a lot of users
great looking website
Your web site is your shop front and should reflect your aspirations. It should say to the world, "This is me!"

But a good looking web page alone will not bring people to your site nor will hey return very often to see what you have done.
Fact 1.
Content is king

Invite your visitors to explore and learn. Answer their questions andcontent is king give them something that they will come back to. Most of my clients want to sell their services first then share something with their visitors. Those same clients ask why the are not receiving leads.

Ask yourself these questions, "What are my customers questions?", "What is unique about my web site?" and, "What would make visitors return to my web site?"
Myth 2.
People will immediately find my web site

The bad news is that there are millions of web sites and probablyfind my website many competitors who have prominent positions on the search engines. There are even companies paying $1,000 a week to be listed on the top of Google search results.

Moreover, the search engines may not even properly index your web site for weeks.
Fact 2.
Being found is based on knowledge

You have some of these attributes: money, time, productfound based on knowledge understanding, a network, excitement about your product, and willingness to adapt. All you need is knowledge to get started. You need a strategy. Sorry for the secrecy but Net Needs can only share their knowledge with their clients. We will help to target your customers and grow visitors exponentially by working with you.
Myth 3.
Key words placement will put me top of the list

visit website
There is so much misinformation about this idea that you can become very frustrated with your investment before you make one deal. Sometimes disguised as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) people are constantly trying to outsmart / trick Google by flooding their web pages with the same phrases.
Fact 3.
Key words are important

Remember reality rule #1, What do your customers want? What isusing google analytics unique about your web site? Your site will be found easier if your key word phrases often searched and there are few web sites with the competing phrases. Net Needs can apply or share some web tools to discover the best phrases to apply to your unique offering.
Myth 4.
Free placement adverts will bring many visitors

Not really. Some people may stumble onto a free classified advert or free adverts community directory then go to your web site. But why would they? Would you go to a business that has no reputation? Would you visit a a web site that is the same as everyone else? Maybe you would sometimes.
Look here for a directory of Australian business directories
Fact 4.
Free placements are a lot of work

advertising work hard
Every link to your web site increases your search engine ranking. More creditable source links increase your search engine rankings much more. Invest your money and time into creditable sources.
Myth 5.
Paid adverts and Google Adwords are great value

adwords qualified
True, if you have little competition and you are looking for instant leads. The verdict is out about whether this provides long term benefits and you must know invest time or money to find out about your best returns.
Fact 5.
Paid advertising is expensive and short term

Many online advertisements fail to achieve results because the webexpensive advertising sites do not mirror the advert promises. Be consistent with your unique offering. Once your advertising campaign budget finishes so do your leads. Go back to rule #1, content is king.
Myth 6.
Social Networking is a great advertising method

social facebook
Social networking is a good introduction to online advertising. Your friends may be interested in your services or they may tell their friends about your web site. Web sites such as Facebook are limited to your friends or they encourage paid advertisement as per myth / reality #5.
Fact 6
Online community networking can be great

social community
There are more means of advertising your web site than Facebook. Know your potential audience, learn about associated interest groups, and become part of their community. If you are genuinely interested  in your topic then you will love to engage with others who share your passion and would like your products as much as you do.
Myth 7.
Older web sites get listed better

old websites rank
One aspect of search engine ranking is the age of a web site, and older web sites usually attract more links over time, but do not assume that you can wait for the day when when your site is number one.
Fact 7.
Grow the links

Know how to grow your links. Research your competitors' web sites.growing web links Focus on efficient and effective growth. Lastly, while Google is a great search tool, in the early days you will attract more visitors through other means.
Well that is as much as information for now.  If you want to learn more then contact us for a consulting session.
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