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Net Needs recommends that you start small and grow your eBusiness as you learn.

We have created web solutions with price ranges from $400 to $2,000,000
and we know how to manage your IT project. We does not compete on price. We are proud of our customer service and stylish designs that align with your business needs. 

Net Needs Price Range
Price  Description   Good for
$50 to $200  One page web site with contact details. May be hosted on Netneeds site for no cost except footer advertisement. Place holder on the Internet. similar to a business card. 
$600 - $900 Well presented web site with up to seven web pages, with basic inquiry and navigation functions. Secured e-mail, submission forms, interactive displays, some integration with Facebook. A professional business or organisation. Show products and services in the best light.
$800 - $1500 Well presented web site with extensive online catalogue linked to Facebook and payPal. A professional online business who has a range of products for their customers.
$1200 - $10,000 Online store or self managed content solution. Including shopping carts, booking systems, and online catalogue. Serious online business willing to invest in the web for the returns.
Industry Price Range
The table lists below is an unbiased report extract from Business Victoria that provides some common ways to build web sites with cost estimates. This is a rough guide and you need to factor in additional items such as quality, domain names, hosting services, stock photos, expertise and knowing your requirements.
Cost to build web sites
Other Costs
Price  Description   Why
$24 Domain name (e.g. www.netneeds.com.au) for two years. This is not a Net Needs fee - it is the cost of a public web site. Needed to list your business web address.
$180 (from) Domain hosting service for two years. This is not a Net Needs fee - it is the cost of a public web site. The computer server that holds / houses your web pages, backend e-mail addresses and links to the domain name.
$500 Optional One off fee on web site launch to update online directories and search engines, including blogs, and Google maps.  Be found on the Internet.
$240 - $480 Optional monthly maintenance and service fee by Net Needs to update the web site, enhance search / directories, and general care of the asset. Ensure the web site is online, accessible and fresh.
TBD Personal training about the Internet the web from cyber safety, privacy, law, web designs, searching, analysing  competitors, and online advertising. Give yourself the best chance of succeeding on the Internet to protect your assets and leverage the technology.

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