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Asia Bookroom
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Website at: www.asiabookroom.com.au

Asia Bookroom is a leading Asian bookselling specialist. Asia Bookroom is a bookshop specialising in new, out of print and antiquarian books of Asian interest. The family business began as the Weekend Gallery in the late 1960s, where it operated from a converted flat. At that time it sold only antique maps and prints, but after purchasing a library of Chinese books in the 1970s, and several name changes later, the company has grown to become a specialised Asian bookshop with a global market.

Asia Bookroom first started selling books online in 1995, and now makes about 75 per cent of its sales online, of which about 25 per cent is sold internationally.

Asia Bookroom supports its website with tailored email mailing lists and a physical retail store in Macquarie, ACT. You can find their website at www.asiabookroom.com.

Source: digitalbusiness.gov.au

How did they do it?

Excerpts of Transcript from Sally Burden

I’m Sally Burdon. We run Asia Bookroom, which is a physical bookshop here in Canberra, but because of the internet we’re anywhere in the world, simultaneously, 24 hours a day, even though thankfully we’re not open 24 hours a day.

We sell books on Asia, as our name suggests, and we sell everything from antiquarian, which is the antiques of books, through to brand new books. Because we are a specialist business, what we’re offering our customers is expertise and service, and we’re just using the internet to do that, and of course we also have an open shop and we do it here too.


I sort of view the whole internet selling thing as like having another shop. So if you open a shop or open any business there are all sorts of costs involved, and if you want to do without carpet and you want to do without all these things, well, great if you’re selling junky stuff, but if you’re trying to do something a bit better than that, you know, you’re crazy. And it’s the same with setting yourself up on the internet.

So getting a decent website, getting decent software, all that sort of thing, I would really suggest people look around and make the right choices on that, which I know is easier said than done, but it is possible.


From our analysis the success of Asia Bookroom is due to some solid business practices, great relationsjips and an understanding of the web. With such a long history of specialisation the company has found it's niche. It is recommended by the federal government and frequently promotes books through EBay and affiliated web sites such as Biblio. It ranks well with the search engines and has a good range of interesting material. The web site is a little plain yet functions quite clearly.


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