Starting Out

Some of the basic tools and case studies that may help your web solution

Below are tools and ideas that have been found on the web and case studies Some of these innovations are shaping our Australian online business landscape.
Web Business News

Starting to sell online

Facebook - Free to start your own account. Connect to your friends and business associates then keep them informed of new products, achievements and items that may help them. You should soon be generating some leads and finding out how your associates can help you.

Gumtree - Easy and free to place a classified advertisement. Try to sell some items - soon you will find out what people are interested in buying and you will learn some basic pitch methods.

EBay - Cheap and easy to advertise products and services. EBay is used by millions of people and gives you more practice in selling online.

Branding your business

Logomyway - A good way of designing a business logo. You place the value and business brief for your logo and wait for graphic designers to bid for your work. Your friends and you vote on the best logo designs.

Advertising on the web

Business Directories - You don't need a web site to be on the web. There are many business directories that allow you to put your contact details on for free.

Designing a web site

Weeby - There are many free web site design tools and Weeby is one of the best. Try it out to learn what can be done.

Webs - Another free web site design tool. Build your own web site at no cost.

Online Advertising

Birds of Prey - A great case study for businesses who are not afraid to use Youtube and Blogs to win customers.