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Shoes of Prey
Shoes of Prey Achievements

Website at: www.shoesofprey.com

Shoes of Prey is a company that started in October 2009 and allows its customers to design their own shoes on its website. To date, it has only existed as an online store. Shoes of Prey ships to customers around the world. The company has become a net exporter for Australia, shipping 40% of sales to customers outside of Australia within the first year of operation.
Source: digitalbusiness.gov.au

How did they do it?

The company released a promotional YouTube video that became the 5th most viewed on YouTube worldwide and the most commented on video worldwide of the day shortly after its release. The video drove over 500,000 hits to the company’s website, which converted to a 300% permanent uplift in sales.
Yes, that video has had over 450,000 views and more than 90,000 comments, each of which is a potential customer who has visited our site, designed a pair of shoes, then written a description of those shoes and what event they would wear it to - talk about brand engagement!

The video was the 5th most viewed on YouTube worldwide last Wednesday and the most commented on video worldwide for the day. It was the 58th most viewed video and 2nd most discussed video worldwide last week! Our Google Analytics traffic graph is my new favourite image of all time:

Founder Michael Fox blogs about their experience running the business here: http://www.22michaels.com/2010/10/happy-birthday-shoes-of-prey.html

They also developed a media strategy and provided exciting articles for the media.

Their online store is very interactive and fun. It is clear, inviting and provides a high level of confidence that you are dealing with a quality business. The business purchases Google Adwords for key word searches of, "shoe designs" but Net Needs staff could not find the web site through the organic search.


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